Courtney Barnett Live on KCRW: “An Illustration” and “Avant Gardner” (SXSW Preview)

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I’m been anxiously awaiting Courtney Barnett’s MBE debut and she did not disappoint.

With her bandmates, fellow Aussies Dave and Bones (who were absolutely giddy when I showed them KCRW’s music library,a treasure trove of thousands of records), the trio tore through a bunch of new songs, alongside two favorites from last years “A Sea of Split Peas” double EP — “Avant Gardner” and “History Eraser”.

What I love about Courtney is she is the opposite of a diva. She’s just a rocker chick who seems pleased as punch that she gets to make music for a living. There is absolutely ZERO pretentiousness.

It’s incredibly refreshing, especially since the music she’s making is so damn good she’s have reason to be cocky.

She talked to Jason about her early years playing open mic nights and seems genuinely excited about how her music is being received (Rolling Stone gave her album a 4.5 star review shortly after the session).

Find the full session here.

Courtney Barnett Live on KCRW Tracklist

Pedestrian at Best
“An Illustration of Loneliness (Sleepless in NY)”
History Eraser
Dead Fox
Nobody Really Cares
Avant Gardner

** Photo by Larry Hirshowitz