Crazy P: Artist You Should Know

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Crazy P is proof positive that you can make pretty amazing lemonade, if you’ve given yourself lemons.

Having formed their disco house outfit in the late 90s as a fun exercise in…well, FUN,  well before it was retro de rigeur to make disco house, Crazy P‘s originators Chris Todd and Jim Baron didn’t really consider the consequences of naming their project “Crazy Penis.”

A little over a decade and a handful of notable singles and full length releases later Todd and Baron realized they were going to need to, pardon the pun, cut the “enis,” for sustainability sake. Simultaneously, Todd and Baron continued doing their own fantastic work under the aliases Hot Toddy and Ron Basejam.

Last year saw them crazy busy with numerous releases (under all their aliases) and Crazy P releasing a fantastic full length album on Ralph Lawson‘s notable 2020Vision label called, “When We On.”

The first single, “Heartbreaker,” is a soulful chugger that has been getting mad love on air and was featured as Today’s Top Tune early this year. That’s some pretty good lemonade.

Crazy P – Heartbreaker by 2020VisionRecordings

— Mario Cotto