5 Songs to Hear This Week: Cursive, Goat Girl, Peggy Gou

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Cursive, at your service. Photo by: Bill Sitzmann

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Cursive – “Up And Away” 

Grow out your bangs, line your eyes with liquid charcoal, and paint your nails jet black — Omaha Nebraska's emo-est still possesses the proprietary code for hitting you directly in the feels. With a release date set for Friday the 13th in September of this year, Cursive’s forthcoming LP Devourer finds the band nearly 30 years into their tenure and still tapped into the nervy sonic preoccupations that defined their early breakouts like 2000’s Domestica and (especially) 2003’s The Ugly Organ.

“Up And Away” sets the tone for the new release, its buoyant sounds tinged with just the right degree of melancholy. Plus, the Jonah Ray-starring video — complete with a jump scare from frontman Tim Kasher — perfectly encapsulates the existential dread that often comes hand in hand with middle age. And in case you were wondering if Kasher’s still got it as a lyricist, try this on for size: “When I was young I was infinite, I wore the sky like a big bright blue bonnet… But my thoughts all got lost in it.” — Marion Hodges

Goat Girl – “words fell out”

For a take on post-punk that’s soft-yet-edgy like crushed velvet, may we present the standout single from UK group Goat Girl’s recent release, Below The Waste. Click play for steady bass-based rhythms, shaken-egg percussion, and easygoing synths under lean-into-me vocals. And don’t miss the intimate B&W video for the three bandmates puppy-piling in the way that women who are close like sisters do… Mirroring one another’s needs, desires, and corporeal forms. Girls just get it. — Adria Kloke

Peggy Gou – “Lobster Telephone”

International phenom Peggy Gou is your coolest friend’s favorite DJ. Born in South Korea, educated in London, and playing hot hot sets all over the world (most recently at Coachella), her electronic dance tracks are grooveable long-plays with an ongoing two-step in mind and delightful accompanying visuals. This latest is lighthearted and shimmery, grounded in ‘90s style samples from the big-boom beat to the bright xylophonic melody complimented by her unbothered vocals in Korean. Don’t sleep on her full-length debut: I Hear You is out now. — AK

KAYTRANADA – “Witchy (Feat. Childish Gambino)”

Haitian-Canadian super-talent Kaytranada first cast us under his spell with a whopper of a debut in the full-length 99.9% way back in 2016. We're always thrilled for a new release from the DJ-producer and this one’s giving you two for the price of one. As is Kaytra’s wont, he follows his past habits by presenting this bop of a single with Childish Gambino absolutely slaying the vocals. Listen for beautifully sampled strings, a beat to mirror your heart, and hip-hop stylings with a dash of funk. Get more: The full LP, TIMELESS, is out now. — AK

Omar Apollo – “Less Of You”

LA-based, neo-soul-singer-songwriter, Omar Apollo, has long captivated audiences with his smoldering compositions. Imagine our slight surprise, but ultimate delight to find his new single “Less Of You” cutting right to the point, the point being to get you MOVING. Hard charging beats, club friendly bleeps and bloops, and Apollo’s silky smooth vocals are all doing the most to keep the party raging all night long. Morning Becomes Eclectic host Novena Carmel said it best when she called this one “Pride-ready.” And as we near the halfway point of June, we’ll take all the “Pride-ready” anthems we can get. — MH