Cut Copy Live on KCRW – Take Me Over

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Cut Copy by Brenda Janairo

Cut Copy started a decade ago as a bedroom project by Dan Whitford and he slowly added members over the years to the band we know now. The Australian band has gained a cult-like following for their catchy electro-pop, evidenced by their sold out show at the Palladium recently.

After the Palladium, the band celebrated with a trip to Disneyland, but Dan made a point not to scream on any of the rides to preserve his voice for their Morning Becomes Eclectic appearance!

We were so excited to have them in the studio last week, especially on a Friday when we were all ready to start the weekend. Their songs just scream “dance all your troubles away!”, particularly “Take Me Over”, one of my favorite singles of the year.

Check out the full session in our archives here


Cut Copy Live on KCRW Set List

Take Me Over

Where I’m Goind

Fell the Love

Blink and You’ll Miss The Revolution

Out There on the Ice

Need You Now

Hanging Onto Every Heartbeat

Cut Copy by Brenda Janairo
Cut Copy by Brenda Janairo
Cut Copy by Brenda Janairo