Dan Auerbach Live For KCRW

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A few hours before taping a private performance for KCRW, I found Dan Auerbach in the side-stage green room, casually playing his acoustic guitar. This was no surprise, given the feel of his latest release, but it was still somewhat shocking to see such a high profile artist in such a causal setting.

Auerbach is one of the few new rock stars to emerge in the last decade thanks to the runaway (and much deserved) success of the Black Keys, and to see him so laid-back, happily strumming with no rock star attitude at all… well, that’s exactly what his first solo album in 8 years is all about.

Photo: Brian Lowe (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)

He recorded it with some of the best musicians in Nashville and brought one of them, Pat McLaughlin, to join him for this amazing acoustic set (full session here).

Everyone in attendance was blown away. They say the true test of any song is how it sounds in this setting and he proved just how good these tunes are, while treating us to a couple from his solo debut AND an unreleased track, called “Trouble Waits for You.”

Auerbach also delivered some interesting tidbits during the interview. Check out the conversation below to hear info on future touring possibilities, the trick to getting Mark Knopfler to play on your song, and how he turned a former call center into one of the coolest studio spots in Nashville.


(Photos c/o: Brian Lowe)