Dan Deacon and Japanther: First Fridays Preview

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Natural History Museum are professionals, however I’m gonna suggest that the powers that be fasten as many things in the museum as possible to the ground and walls as this coming First Fridays (presented by KCRW) promises to be a rager.

Between the arty noise rock antics of Brooklyn’s Japanther and crowd pleasing hippie electro-wizard Dan Deacon, the museum will be lucky if the T-Rex doesn’t shiver loose off it’s hinges and run around like the one in that Ben Stiller movie.

Japanther specializes in a fast and loose brand of punk rock that inspires spastic herky jerky dancing.

Deacon traditionally has everyone huddle close by on all sides and proceeds to build a cyclone of euphoric synthetic sounds.

If you want some occasional respite from the sonic wildness…KCRW DJ Anthony Valadez and Kisses will be holding down the opposite hall with fun vibes of a different kind.

Any which way…you can’t lose. And you’ll end up potentially running into a  dinosaur re-animated by the power of ROCK!

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