David Lynch Reveals Big News About Blue Velvet

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David Lynch at KCRW by Larry Hirshowitz
David Lynch at KCRW by Larry Hirshowitz

David Lynch is the epitome of an artist – delving in many mediums to satisfy his creative impulses. As he told Jason Bentley on Morning Becomes Eclectic, “ideas drive the boat.”

“You get ideas sometimes for music, you get ideas sometimes for still photography, some ideas for cinema, some ideas for furniture; and you don’t know what’s going to pop in, but you get an idea you fall in love with and you know exactly what you’re going to do and you go to work.”

Lynch appeared on the show to share nuggets of wisdom about his process and some big news about his music and film projects.

Lynch told us his work on the album Dark Night of the Soul, with producer Danger Mouse and the late Sparklehorse, gave him the confidence to move forward in making music. He recently released his first electronic singles, which have a great story behind them that you can read here. To sum up, Jason played one song and announced it as an Underworld track only to find out it was Lynch’s work.

Jason called “Good Day Today” “a big, epic electronic record,” though Lynch claims he knows nothing about electronic music, except he likes it when he hears it!

“It has a lot of power and power to make you move.  It’s man made sounds, it’s not organic.  I love organic phenomenon, big time!  But in dance, it’s not that.  So it’s robot music.  It’s a great genre to experiment in.”

Fans of Lynch’s film work will be happy to know he is not abandoning the genre, in fact, he announced some huge news – that he recently uncovered some outtakes from his film “Blue Velvet” that he thought had been destroyed. He’s hoping to include some of those scenes on a new Blu-Ray version they’re working on.

Find the full interview here.