Dawes Covers the “King of All LA Songs”

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ALL photos by Brian Feinzimer

As the producer of MBE, I have the great pleasure of seeing the bands from the moment they roll in at around 8am all sleepy-eyed and dragging tons of gear until the moment they go live to the rest of the world.

When I walked down to the studio yesterday, Taylor Goldsmith was already seated at the piano, playing and singing alone. It was a beautiful moment to witness at 7:47am and I can only hope a new song was born as he tinkered away.

Once the full band was set up and going for soundcheck, they kept playing around with Warren Zevon songs so I finally asked if they would gift us with a cover. They closed their fantastic live session with “Desperados Under the Eaves“, with this fantastic introduction from Taylor:

“Alright, our last song is a cover song. It’s the king of all LA songs. Everybody has a favorite LA song, but this one’s better than yours. It’s by the great Warren Zevon.”

It was a perfect closer to a set focused primarily on their new album “We’re All Gonna Die“. The title track is my personal fave.

Hear/watch the full session!


Taylor Goldsmith!


epic keys set up