De Lux: Artist You Should Know

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Photo by Nick Walker


That was my reaction the first time I heard De Lux.

The Glendale-based duo, comprised of 22-year-olds Sean Guerin and Isaac Franco, met while skateboarding and were actually in another band together before splitting off on their own.

They recently signed to LA label Innovative Leisure (home to Hanni El Khatib, Allah-Las, and Classixx among others) and will release their full length in the Spring.

But first, we have a 5-track EP which is being released by Scion AV and is available as a free download.

The release is headlined by the track “Better At Making Time” which has emerged as one of my favorite tracks of the year.

It’s got a tropical post punk flavor reminiscent of the Talking Heads.

More to come…