Depeche Mode: The Complete SXSW 2013 Interview

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Recently, Jason Bentley had the great pleasure of interviewing Depeche Mode about their new album “Delta Machine” — out today! — and their 30+ years of being a band.

Our friends at NPR Music transcribed the entire conversation — including a candid chat about Dave Gahan’s battle with drugs and the band’s creative process as songwriters– which you can now find on their website.

As NPR mentions, excitement for the event was so high that, for the first couple of minutes of the interview, the sound of camera shutters snapping drowned out their voices — so can you only imagine the pressure when I had exactly two seconds to take a photo of Jason and the band together after the Q&A.  I had one shot! All I kept thinking is Jason is gonna be so bummed if I screw this up (not really, but I was nervous) Luckily, my shaky hands were able to capture the above.

Press play below to hear a backstage interview recorded before the action started. The band couldn’t have been kinder hosts, completely down to earth.

Definitely a moment I will remember forever as a longtime fan.