“Deranged Millionaire” John Hodgman is our Guest DJ!

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Photo by Micah Cordy

It feels like a lifetime ago when John Hodgman was a literary agent.  It is hard to remember a time when he was anything other than a famous minor television personality, a resident expert, an author, a humorist, and a deranged millionaire.  Now he is all of those things to us, and more.

What Hodgman is more than anything is an inspiration to anyone that aspires to a life of creativity.  It wasn’t that long ago that he was a writer with a day job.  Now, Hodgman has a career as an entertainer and a humorist.  His heeding the call to find creative satisfaction in his daily life has led him to be a part of all of our daily lives, and for that I think I speak for America when I say “THANKS JOHN!”

(America is on a first name basis with John Hodgman at this point, right?)

In his Guest DJ Project for KCRW he touches on that time when he and his (also brilliant) friend Jonathan Coulton were dreaming of a day when they could leave their office jobs and pursue creative satisfaction.

Give his Guest DJ Project a listen here.

John Hodgman Guest DJ Project Track List

1. Kill Screen- Jean Grae
2. For Charles Bronson- The Mountain Goats
3. Labrador- Aimee Mann
4. Horses to the Mountains- Cynthia Hopkins (aka Gloria Deluxe)
5. Glasses- Jonathan Coulton