Desert Sound Colony: Artist You Should Know

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Back in October, without warning or much accompanying information, Brooklyn-based House label, run by Francis Harris and Anthony Collins, Scissor & Thread released a stunning 4 track EP by Desert Sound Colony.

Moody, downtempo grooves that occupy a new space between chill-out electronica and swirling indie psych rock.

The Way I Began EP is immediately familiar but doesn’t quite sound exactly like anything else. The closest thing would perhaps be some imaginary track by Daphni or Caribou on Running Back pitched down as low as possible…

A series of puzzling incongruencies, Desert Sound Colony is not a group or from the desert, but rather one dude making these sounds by himself out in the British countryside.

The result however is undeniably Desert Sound Colony.

The Way I Began is out now on Scissor & Thread with a follow up EP due out on the label in January 2015.

New York filmmaker Carrie Barlow created an entrancing video that traces female bodybuilding veteran Collette Nelson through her workout regimen for DSC’s “I Get Fixed“.