Digging & Editing Again with Force of Nature’s KZA

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Part of the Japanese crate-digging duo Force of Nature, KZA has put together a follow-up to his 2009 debut, Dig & Edit. Like that first record, Dig & Edit 2 is a compilation of edits and new productions based on layers of samples with additional production by KZA and Kuniyuki.

According to KZA the tracks were the result of digging and pulling records in the witching hour, “between midnight and morning, searching for miscellaneous rhythms, harmonies, and melodies.” Consequently, the comp and several of the tracks have a particularly hazy, dreamy vibe. (If you wanna taste,  XLR8R recently posted a new mix by KZA that is well worth checking out.)

Before ending the comp on the extraordinarily chuggy “Le Troublant Acid“, which came out as a 12” a couple years back, KZA boldy drops an edit I’ve only dreamed of but never actually imagined someone would have the stones to create of Miami Sound Machine’s sensual adult contempo burner “Fallin’ In Love (Uh Oh)”.

Granted, it’s only March, but it is and will undoubtedly remain one of my favorite things I’ve heard all year and will be in my wheelhouse forever more.

I’m sorry, but I’m actually kind of glad I can’t find a stream or link or YouTube to Fallin’  so you’ll have to go track it down and have your heart and face melted by it in a personal way. Below you can stream KZA’s ripper “Le Troublant Acid“.