Diplo Drops New Mad Decent Tracks During Guest DJ Set on KCRW

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Aaron Byrd, Diplo and Garth Trinidad by Taryn Olsen

New school DJ/producer Diplo, known for his groundbreaking work with M.I.A. and Santigold, as well as projects like Hollertronix and Major Lazer, stopped by KCRW DJ Garth Trinidad’s show last night and dropped exclusives from his Mad Decent label and other favorites. Hear it in the archives here.

Diplo attended KCRW’s private show with Little Dragon a few weeks ago and he was pretty blown away by signer Yukimi Nagano. Apparently they kept in touch and will now be teaming up for an Australian tour! He also promised to visit the basement and share some tunes.

He clearly consumes a lot of music –from anywhere and everywhere — and ended up trading lots of music with KCRW DJs Aaron Byrd and Mario Cotto, who popped into the studio for his set. That’s what happens when a bunch of “music heads” get together. They can’t help it!

Diplo’s first on air selection was “Blacks” from Dawn Rosy & Golden Cross, which he called “one of his favorite releases he’s ever put out.” It’s down tempo and mellow, in the vein of Washed Out.  His Mad Decent label releases mostly dance-oriented music, but KCRW DJs have really gravitated to Bosco Del Rey, one of their more rock-oriented artists. Diplo played the track “Dodge” from Bosco’s album “Everybody Wah“.

Diplo also talked about how he’s been inspired by kids all over the world using everything at their disposal to make all kinds of music. He says Mad Decent was built around that “anything goes” attitude and he’s so impressed by kids taking it into their own hands and literally mashing up genres to create new ones, from the Baile funk in Brazil, which was essentially Miami Bass turned into punk rock, to the newest sound catching his ear, moombahton. He says its basically a “sped up reggaeton mix” that is all about getting people going on the dancefloor. He collaborated with Dillon Francis on a track he played called “Que Que” and talked about Mad Decent’s Blow Your Head compilation with compiled moombahton tracks from around the world.

Blow Your Head is also the name of a monthly party he hosts at Little Temple and the next one is Wednesday, July 6. Find out more details here to join the party.

Diplo Guest DJ Set on KCRW Track List

Dawn Rosy & Golden Cross – Blacks

Jamie XX – Far Nearer

Blawan – Getting Me Down

Dillon Francis & Diplo feat. Maluca – Que Que

Two Inch Punch – Love You Up

Bosco Del Rey – Dodge

The Shaynes – Through My Window

Bobbie Smith – Walk On Into My Heart

Omar – Feeling You (Henrik Schwartz remix)

Brenmar – Taking it Down

Mario Cotto practices his "Home Alone" face with Diplo (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)