Director Lisa Cholodenko is Our Guest DJ!

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LisaCholodenkoIn her Guest DJ Project set, director Lisa Cholodenko credits Kate Bush – and other expressive female songwriters – with giving her the “mojo” to pursue filmmaking. I am a huge fan of Lisa’s work — from “High Art” to “Laurel Canyon,” I love what she has to say about relationships and the pictures she paints on screen. She’s incredibly insightful, both as a screenwriter and as a director, so I was excited to find out how eclectic her music tastes are – she praises the “hypnotic magnetism” of Animal Collective and says electronic music duo Boards Of Canada “captured her imagination.”

She also credits Joni Mitchell with perfectly capturing an era in Los Angeles and features the singer prominently in her new film “The Kids Are All Right,” which just opened the Los Angeles Film Festival and made a splash at Sundance. The film is out on July 9.

Hear her full Guest DJ Project set here!