DJ Anthony Valadez on His Quest for New Music & Sonnymoon

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DJ Anthony Valadez: Finding new music has always been fun for me. It’s like being Indiana Jones with a whip and a flashlight searching through dark caves for something that moves my soul or hips. I have been blessed to have traveling artists, DJs, musicians, producers, remixers, and friends crash on my couch.   It goes the other way around as well — whenever I travel its always fun to go record digging with other DJs who host me and are happy to expose me to their local music scenes and record shops. I once had a gig in Argentina and, prior to my gig, a fellow DJ hipped me to Timbalada, who is from neighboring Brazil. Their music blew my mind! I instantly dropped loads of cash for all their records.

I remember when Mweslee, who is a Spain-based electronic artist on the Kindred Spirits label, crashed with me for a few weeks.  He was in town for the Red Bull Music Academy.  While he was there, he grabbed all these great remixes and exclusive original work and exposed me to so many artists from around the world at one time; Hudson Mohawke (Scotland) , Liquid Spirits (Amsterdam), Bflecha (Spain) Debruit (France) Dorian Concept (Austria). Once he left, I did my research on each of the artists and became a fan of over hundreds of bedroom producers, many who today are big names in the electronic/beat scene.

My favorite music discovery this week is Sonnymoon. They’re a young duo from Massachusetts.  They are giving away their new full length album “Golden Age” as a free download here.

Sonnymoon (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)