DJ Cam Spins Guest DJ Set on KCRW Tonight!

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DJ Cam is legendary in the French underground beat scene. He recently moved to Venice, CA and professed his love for KCRW, so we’re happy to have him drop by the station for a special Guest DJ set late Monday at 12:20am (technically Tuesday morning) during Anthony Valdez’s show.

The session will be archived here for future listening!

More from Anthony:

DJ Cam has built a brand of jazzy hip hop with gritty beats back in the early 90s’s.   He was part of my introduction into the underground Parisian culture of music – specifically, his involvement with the DJ Kicks series, which featured many of his futuristic soundscapes.

Other reasons to love Cam:

*He has collaborated with the likes of the late J Dilla, Guru (Gangstarr) and Larry Blackmon (Cameo).

*His latest collection, “Music For Film,” was one of the top 50 most played albums on KCRW a few weeks back.

* He just moved to Venice. I live in Venice.

* He is excited to play records live on KCRW this Monday night.

Tune in and stream his track “Swim,” featuring Chris James, below!