DMA’s: Artist You Should Know

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I’m a sucker for Aussie pop. Especially when it sounds kinda like my favorite early 90’s Brit pop.

The DMA’s immediately reminded me of the Stone Roses (and right afterward, I read that Noisey had said the same), with a dash of Oasis.

This is no coincidence — singer Tommy O’Dell’s father is “very, very English” according to guitarist Johnny Took, whose father also lived in London before moving to Australia.

The trio mixes those influences into a special blend and the sneer in Tommy’s vocals is an edge that sets them apart.

The band is making a significant US tour run in May/June around their self-titled debut EP, out May 19, with an LA date scheduled for The Echo on June 13.

If they match/surpass the energy of their recorded songs, it’s going to be one heck of a show. They’re also making appearances at major festivals: Bonnaroo, Outside Lands and Lollapalooza.

All this to say – they should be on your radar.

In case you’re wondering what the letters in their name stand for, apparently you get a different answer from the trio every time.

The latest: Division Multiplication Addition Subtraction.

Jason Bentley has been gravitating to the track “Laced” and Johnny says the inspiration for the track was “kicking on at 5am”.

He tells us guitarist Matt Mason“ran up to my apartment stairs singing the chorus and playing guitar, and then the three of us worked on it from there. Finished it that morning.”