Donald Glover is Our Guest DJ

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Donald Glover is funny. Whether you love him as his rapper alter ego Childish Gambino, as the star of NBC’s Community or for his work as a writer on 30 Rock, he has a distinct – and hilarious – point of view in his work.

After his Guest DJ Project set, I have a much better idea where it came from and how much music has informed his style – Nedelle taught him that the key to great writing is in the details, Skee-Lo convinced him he could be himself (a black suburban kid) and still be a rapper and Bjork proved that emotion is more powerful than any production techniques and vulnerability is a good thing. He even credits Lil Wayne with creating the “perfect memoir of a relationship”.

I spotted Donald at the Austin airport after SXSW – he seemed incredibly energetic after a week of late nights and music — but I always get nervous about approaching people so I simply thought to myself “one day I’ve GOT to get him to do the Guest DJ Project since he’s clearly a music lover.” And here it is!

He’s currently on the road for his “I Am Donald” tour.

Donald Glover Guest DJ Project Tracklist

1. Nedelle – tell me a story
2. Skee-Lo – I wish
3. Bjork – Isobel
4. Lil Wayne – something you forgot
5. Sleigh Bells – a/b machines