Download a Free Mixtape from Ana Tijoux

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From KCRW volunteer Taryn Olsen:

ana tijouxOther than “hello” and “thank you” I don’t speak Spanish at all. But when I saw Ana Tijoux last summer, I went home, bought her album, and was trying desperately to roll my “r’s” along with her.

While I don’t understand what she’s saying 98% of the time, there’s something universal in Ana’s delivery and her spirit that makes it impossible not to sit up and listen when she’s on the mic.

I suppose I also have a personal bias as well, being a girl. I love the way Ana Tijoux embraces a toughness that is equal parts undeniably fierce and somehow feminine and sexy.

While I’ve been told Ana calls a few places home already (a native Chilean growing up in Paris), being a devoted Angeleno I secretly wish she would start calling LA home.

Knowing I want to see more of Ana in LA, I was pleasantly surprised watching the latest rad-tastic video to accompany her new mix tape (download it for free on her website).

Seeing video snippets of Ana Tijoux outside the Music Box and the sweeping LA cityscapes from Garth Trinidad’s most recent Pre-Grammy Brunch made me very happy! Not to mention the video itself is just beyond cool.   Enjoy!

— Taryn Olsen