Download New Generationals EP, Live on KCRW Tomorrow!

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From KCRW’s Monika Scott

The day Eric J Lawrence handed me the Generationals‘ EP, Trust,  he told me it was music for my commute.  I had just complained about being tired during said commute, and  I was assured that their music would give me the energy burst I need for a long trek down the 405.  Boy was he right…

New Orleans indie-pop pair, Generationals, are pretty darn easy to love.  Their subtle use of electronic elements in their music is just enough to keep me dancing, but not so much that it sounds robotic.  Just good ol’ fashioned new wave pop. I challenge you to not find your shoulders start to move to the music as you listen to “Ten-Twenty-Ten.”

Challenge accepted?


Don’t miss them tomorrow on Morning Becomes Eclectic, as I imagine they’ll have you up and dancing in your office/car/home or wherever else you’re listening from.  If you really can’t wait for their in-studio session tomorrow, why not have a free download while you wait?  This free four track EP, has 2 remixes, 1 summer jam, and 1 new song.

Download their new EP here!