Download Royksopp’s Shores of Easy

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Back in March, Norwegian dance duo Royksopp debuted a brand new song live on KCRW‘s airwaves during their Morning Becomes Eclectic set. They called it “Shores of Easy” but mentioned that might just be a working title. It ends up they stuck with it and now, months later, have officially offered an MP3 of the track for download on their website.

Perhaps its to generate some excitement around their Hollywood Bowl show coming up on Saturday, October 22 (I know I’M excited) but they also give some polite suggestions on how to listen. From their site:

“As you know, we never want to dictate how our music is being used, but we feel that this time, a small guideline is in place: this track is best served when calm. Thus, if you are so inclined – we feel that this could serve as a perfect soundtrack to that borderline state between being awake and being asleep – the state where everything seems possible.”

They have only performed it once, in KCRW’s studios, and you can see it below.

(p.s. they make sure to note the song is not “indicative of things to come” for those who may not dig their “chill” side.)