Dum Dum Girls Live on KCRW – Bedroom Eyes

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Dum Dum Girls’ singer Dee Dee looked a lot like her namesake (I think) punk rocker Dee Dee Ramone this morning with her dark bangs hanging over sunglass-covered eyes. The SoCal band’s release on SubPop this year, “Only in Dreams”, is a more polished, less “fuzzy” version of the garage rock that got them signed to the beloved Seattle label.

Dee Dee says that was the goal, as she recorded the band’s debut by herself in a house with limited equipment and “no real understanding of fidelity”. The catchy 60’s pop of “Bedroom Eyes” grabs you immediately but all their songs were short bursts of energy expertly performed by gals that have been touring all year.

The set went by in a flash! When I made that comment out loud in the studio, Music Librarian and DJ Eric J Lawrence simply said, “that’s garage rock for ya.” So it is, so it is.

Check out the full set in our archives here.


Dum Dum Girls

Bedroom Eyes

In My Head



He Gets Me High

Rest of Our Lives

Hold Your Hand

Wasted Away