Ellen Page is Our Guest DJ!

Written by
Ellen Page and DJ Eric J Lawrence

Actress Ellen Page was a bit nervous to do the Guest DJ Project, well aware that revealing the songs most important to her would reveal a LOT about her.

(Some guests don’t realize that until they’re in the middle of taping the show and get surprisingly emotional.)

So, what did we learn about Ellen? She definitely uses music as a tool in her life to get into character, to escape, and to feel at home when she’s far away filming.

Ellen famously played a music lover in her breakout role in “Juno” and actually had a hand in picking the music that was a crucial part of the film. Personally, she favors deeply emotional songs from the likes of Cat Power and Gillian Welch, even joking about the serious nature of her choices throughout the session.

She also rocked my world by pointing out that a song my mother sang to me regularly as a child, “You Are My Sunshine“, is an “unbearably sad song”, as most love songs are.

The full session is only 10 minutes and well worth a listen!

Ellen Page Guest DJ Project Set list

1. Cat Power – Fool
2. Adam Hurst – Stone Bridge
3. Youth Lagoon – 17
4. Balam Acab – Dream Out
5. Gillian Welch – I Made A Lover’s Prayer