Emily Wells Live on KCRW – Mama’s Gonna Give You Love

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Emily Wells’ MBE set was a homecoming of sorts. The former Angeleno, who relocated to New York, was in town for a sold out show behind her “Mama Acoustic Recordings”, yet nothing about her set felt stripped down.

She’s a one-person symphony and stood behind her self-constructed “cockpit” with a keyboard, sampling devices and a kick drum at her feet (which she plays with her heel), a snare and a cymbal.  She says the setup has evolved over time — starting with just a loop pedal and a violin – as she tried to figure out to get an ensemble sound on stage.

Aside from navigating all the instruments, she says she likes to play standing up so she can dance.

She’s as charming off the mic as she is on.  What you see is what you get – a style hopping artist who comes across as someone who can do just about ANYTHING well.

Check out the full set here.


Emily Wells Live on KCRW Set List

Los Angeles
Becomes The Color
Mama’s Gonna Give You Love
Don’t Use Me Up