Escondido Covers the Everly Brothers Live on MBE

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Many magical moments happen in our studio down in the basement of Santa Monica College.

But every once in a while, there is moment that cuts through everything — all the chatter in your head, all the people in the room, all the stress of putting on and playing a live session — and melts us all with the sheer power of musical beauty.

When Escondido were considering playing a of the cover  Everly Brothers’ “When Will I Be Loved, I pushed them to do it.

I hoped I wasn’t out of bounds in doing so, but as soon as they started singing those harmonies everyone in the room got chills and just looked around at each other like “this is amazing, right? isn’t this amazing!!”

In fact, their whole set was fantastic. Since this was their MBE debut, they played “Black Roses“, our favorite song off their last album and a bunch of new tracks from “Walking With a Stranger“, including the ballad “Try” and “Heart is Black“.

Their sound is a little bit of a lot of things and it comes together beautifully. Revisit it here.


p.s. Fun fact: Our Music Librarian/Historian Eric J Lawrence tells me this performance happened on Don Everly’s birthday! Maybe that was part of the magic…