Exciting Events: KCRW's "Up Close" and Fall Music Salon

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Dear Music Lovers and Rhythm Planet readers,

I’m excited about two things I’m involved with. First is the next UpClose KCRW event. I wouldn’t tarry if you want to come. The first one back in May of this year was with jazz pianist Alan Pasqua and it sold out in one day!

Click for tickets & info for the UpClose event on Friday, 9/27/13.

It’s at the Anne & Jerry Moss Stage at New Roads School in Santa Monica–a modern, new and intimate venue. (Jerry Moss, by the way, was the “M” in A&M Records.  The “A” was Herb Alpert.) On Friday, September 27th, I’ll be there onstage with one of my all-time favorite artists, Dori Caymmi. I have loved his music for more than 20 years, have seen him perform innumerable times, even rode the rivers of Surinam with his first album as the perfect soundtrack for the adventure. Click here to read a post I wrote back in October 2011 after his gorgeous album Poesia Musicada was released. Needless to say, this UpClose event will be a very special evening.

I’ll also be featuring Dori’s music on my weekly Rhythm Planet show, which I’ll be taping tomorrow. Among other things I’ll feature his famous father, Dorival Caymmi with Carmen Miranda on her first big hit from 1939, “O Que é Que a Baiana Tem?” (“What is it about Baiana Women?”)

The other event is my upcoming Music Salon. The Fall salon is mostly full–there are as of today six places left. We will be covering some new music such as African Divas, Jazz Voices (The Men), the great Portuguese music known as fado, and other subjects. We meet every Tuesday night from September 17th until October 22nd. The festivities all take place in my home on a good hi fi system and I serve wine and food. Chat amongst a delightful group of folks and take in an evening of enjoying wonderful music.

Class is limited to 15. If you’re interested, you should sign up now. KCRW members get a 10% discount. Hope you can join us!