EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Nico Yaryan’s heartbreaking ‘Old Gloria’

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The physical intimacy depicted on the album cover of Nico Yaryan‘s forthcoming debut What A Tease reminds me of Feist’s Let It Die: lips skimming a face, crippling want, a photo at a revealing angle that only the most privy parties would be allowed. It’s a visual cue that either invites the viewer into the lovers’ breath, or violates their moment by allowing witness at all.

In this case, Nico Yaryan opens the door to everyone into his heartache. The album opener “Old Gloria,” our exclusive premiere above, serves up a slow-burning, torchy allegory for lasting wounds in the person of Gloria: “Night after night / you put on those shoes / and you put on that dress / what else would you do… Said that he loved you / but he tricked you / now you’re too old / for a new trick.” In Yaryan’s previously released “Just Tell Me,” he sings, urging: “Just tell me the love is strong,” a plea made out of doubt rather than reassurance, a tailspin accompanied by a cheerful tambourine and the warm groove of guitar.

KCRW fans have likely already heard Yaryan, as the drummer for Hanni El Khatib. Today, we exclusively reveal Yaryan’s Partisan Records album release date — Feb. 26, 2016 — plus its tracklist and cover below, along with “Old Gloria.” Will you take up the Californian’s summons into that Tease?

Nico Yaryan's album What A Tease (Partisan)
Nico Yaryan’s album What A Tease (Partisan) (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)
Here is Nico Yaryan’s What A Tease tracklist:
1. Old Gloria
2.  You Belong To Me
3. Just Tell Me
4. Dreamers
5. The Magic
6. Infinity
7. What A Tease
8. Nobody Tells My Baby
9. Witch Love
10. Your Love Never Lets Me Down
11. I’ll Stay With You When You Die