Fandom: alt-J on Clipping

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Editor’s Note: alt-J just released a brand new song called “Hunger of the Pine” from their forthcoming sophomore album. 

alt jAs part of our Fandom series, we have the members of alt-J telling us about one of their favorite new artists.

Words written by drummer Thom Green, with the blessing of the full band:

“I’ve been listening to Clipping a lot recently.

They’re a hip hop trio from L.A.

They sound like a more refined Death Grips, their beats are unpredictable and slightly hard to lock in with sometimes, but that’s why I like it.

It’s refreshing to sometimes give in to what you think you know and just let the chaos do its thing. The way the vocals sync into rhythms is really impressive too. Definitely a music lover’s band for me.”

Warning: NSFW language