Fandom: Best Coast on Nothing

Written by
Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno of Best Coast

L.A. duo Best Coast are quintessential garage rock raised in Southern California.

Their debut album “Crazy For You” in 2010 catapulted the group into the mainstream where they found themselves climbing into national charts and late night television circuits.

Four years and two albums later, Best Coast is a Steady-Eddie of the lo-fi scene and have found fans all over the world.

Here’s their take on a band called Nothing:

Bethany: We spend a lot of time driving. Like a lot of it.

Those drives can be across the country while touring, or they can be a simple drive to the airport. I remember driving to LAX one morning when it was like – too early to even function – and the sun was so bright it hurt to look out the window.

Bobb was driving and was listening to a CD that basically summed up how I felt in that very moment. The music was really dreamy and sleepy, but also heavy and emotional. I asked  who the band was and he told me “Nothing.”

A few weeks later I started doing my homework on these dudes and I became completely obsessed with their album, “Guilty of Everything. Bobb had said there would be a point in time where I would want to listen to the album twice in a row because it’s just that good.

They’re also incredible live. I think they’re the perfect mix of heavy and soft – and like I said – they make for really good driving music!

Bobb: I’ve been friends with the Nothing dudes for a while. I’ve seen almost all of their shows in LA but none of that prepared me for how great “Guilty of Everything” is.

It’s a perfect record, equal parts beauty and heaviness (musically and lyrically). When Nicky sent me the songs, I listened to it for a week straight, sometimes twice in a row.

I was so proud of my friends and couldn’t wait for the world to hear and love it as much as I do.