FANDOM: Glass Animals on LCD Soundsystem Live

Written by
Dave from Glass Animals

Glass Animals were just confirmed to play Coachella and it’s crazy to think just a year ago they were on KCRW’s SXSW showcase! To celebrate, we reached out to frontman Dave Bayley for our Fandom series.

“I was 15 when I first really lost my shit at a concert and danced like Prince on his first disco biscuit.

Joe (our drummer) and I had gone to see LCD Soundsystem.

The whole band hopped on to the same wavelength as one another and got their party on, extending sections, creating spontaneous grooves together, building together, adding funky fills, and changing up lyrics to apply to the current situation.

All very clever, very energetic, and very infectious.

It’s how a live show should be.

Lately I’ve been revisiting LCD Soundystem, and have really gotten caught on some live recordings from London in 2010.

Here’s one of them.

Listen to the words, and the way everything builds, and I guarantee by the end you’ll be shuffling along in time.”