Fandom: Moses Sumney on Nick Hakim

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Editor’s Note: Musicians are often the harshest critics of other musicians AND their biggest celebrators. Taking a band on tour is an incredible way to show support, but that is quite an undertaking so we decided to let the KCRW Music Blog be a forum for some of our favorite artists to recommend some of THEIR favorite bands in a series called FANDOM.

First up, LA favorite Moses Sumney.

Moses Sumney by Emilio Guerra
Moses Sumney (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)

I often feel overwhelmed, drowning in a constant current of emails, texts, updates and notifications, the pinging of electronic devices sonically resembling the homogenous stream of new music there is to “check out”.

But then I hear Brooklyn-based serenader Nick Hakim, and time stops.

To listen to “Pour Another“, the first song off his upcoming debut EP, is to be washed over in a wave of reverberating reverie.

I’m floated into a simpler time, purged by the patient harmonies he cascades, and for a moment, I forget I have a body.