Fandom: ODESZA on Jamie xx

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Odesza by Tonje Thilesen

(For this edition of Fandom, Harrison Mills — one half of Seattle duo ODESZA — shares a favorite artist in advance of the band’s Coachella appearance. Hear them live on MBE on April 24)

“Jamie xx continues to impress us as a producer and evolving musician. What’s most exciting about the preview he just released of his next record is that you can tell he’s still experimenting and doing it in superb fashion.

To us, the ability to blend sounds that might feel unrelated musically (whether it be genre related or individual notes) and mix them together to create a completely new and unique sound is the pinnacle of forward thinking production and it’s something Jamie does tremendously.

Lovely, lovely sounds.”

Harrison Mills (aka CatacombKid)