Fandom: The Mountain Goats on Christine Fellows

Written by
John Darnielle by Gregg Lewis

The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle stopped by KCRW to record an episode of Bookworm with Michael Silverblatt around his acclaimed book Wolf In White Van: A Novel.

I asked him to recommend an artist he loves that people might not know as part of our FANDOM series and he immediately mentioned Cristine Fellows.

She happens to be the wife of The Weakerthans’ lead singer John K. Samson – “and a better songwriter. He would tell you the same thing,” says Darneille.

He said her 2005 album “Paper Anniversary” is a “masterpiece” and promised it would make me “cry so hard” if I dared take a listen.

They toured together and he said it hit him hard night after night.

John said if you like singers that “connect with you emotionally”, this Canadian folk singer is someone you need to check out.

He loves the title track but, since it’s not available streaming online, here’s another highlight.