Fandom: The National on Liars

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The National by Dierdre O’Callaghan

The National’s Scott Devendorf answered the ‘Fandom’ call with the L.A. to New York dance rock band Liars who have been incorporating the driving beats of electronica into their unique brand of rock.

“I’ve enjoyed following the dark, mystic trail, from Liars’ earliest records “They Threw Us All In A Trench And Stuck A Monument On Top” and “They Were Wrong So We Drowned” with their fractured guitar and rhythm attacks. Their vocals yelped / growled / screamed incantations and the corresponding live stage presence fit perfectly.

Over several records (Drum’s Not Dead, Sisterworld, Liars, Wixiw and their latest: Mess) they’ve filtered those incarnations through electronic music’s pulsing ingredients into their unique cauldron, slow-brewing a lacquer-black electronic spray.

If anyone’s to burn guitars at the First City Festival in Monterey, it’s likely Liars … who already have. I look forward to hearing the remains.” — Scott Devendorf

You can watch Scott and The National perform a stripped down set from their latest Morning Becomes Eclectic session while they were touring on their last album Trouble Will Find Me.