FANDOM: Yacht on White Fang

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LA-based duo YACHT  released an EP last month called “Where Does This Disco?” and we wanted to find out THEIR favorite artist of the moment. Answer: White Fang

“White Fang have come a long way from a group of druggy teenagers in the Oregon suburbs to the auteurs of idiot-savant garage rock (sample lyric: “we’re not arty, man, we’re a party band”), demagogues of the Burger Records scene, the lives of a party that no sane person is committed enough to see through until the daylight hours.

They’re four hellions who can’t keep their shirts on, but what’s unreal about them is that they are extremely gifted songwriters, beyond all their antics—they churn out perfect fucked-up pop songs that are funny and totally undeniable.

We took them on tour this year and they knocked us out every night.

We can’t believe they survived the tour, but they gave us life.”