Father John Misty Live on KCRW

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A few months ago I heard that the drummer for Fleet Foxes, J. Tillman, was quitting the band to pursue a solo project and I thought ‘what is he doing? He’s crazy. Leaving an established band like that.”

I had heard some solo recordings by J. Tillman in the past and, while I liked his voice, they didn’t really make an impact. But he wasn’t leaving the band to be J. Tillman.

He was leaving to be Father John Misty. And this character he’s created has taken his music to an entirely new level. As his alter ego, his voice is even stronger and, as Jason Bentley said, he’s “kooky but brilliant”.

He grabbed a photo of David Lynch from our hallway and brought it into the studio with him. He also did some really funny “riffing” between songs and called the liner notes/lyrics within his CD “Fear Fun” “crazed hobo ramblings”.

And the origins of the name Father John Misty? According to Josh – “Meaning doesn’t age very well. Absurdity does.”

From the first few notes of “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings” and his declaration of  Jeeeeeeesus Christ girl, you know you’re in for a ride. It’s a great set well worth revisiting in the archives.


Father John Misty on KCRW – Set List

Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings

Only Son of the Ladiesman

Misty’s Nightmare’s 1&2

I’m Writing a Novel

Now I’m Learning to Love the War

Funtimes in Babylon

Jason Bentley + Father John Misty