Field Music on MBE

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From KCRW DJ and Music Librarian Eric J Lawrence:

Due to an overindulgence of rich Indian food & homemade rum-cake last Friday, I missed Field Music’s show at the Bootleg Theatre on Saturday, for which I had been kicking myself all week.  I was further foiled to see their Amoeba in-store performance on Tuesday, as I had a prior engagement (a screening of a 1968 Jack Lord film).  So when this morning finally arrived, the first thing I did upon waking up was to bless the music gods (i.e. Jason Bentley & Ariana Morgenstern) that I was going to be able to finally witness Field Music’s live performance on “Morning Becomes Eclectic” — and what a performance it was!

Brothers David & Peter Brewis and friends use some tricky rhythms that are even more impressive to see performed live.  Ariana and Jason both agreed that they pull off the rare feat of bringing together some pretty disparate elements – sweet pop melodies, driving New Wave-flavored rhythms, angular prog-rock guitar solos, alternately passionate & more contemplative vocal performances, etc. – while still managing to sound organic and eminently listenable.  Brother David Brewis even highlighted a song from his solo project, School of Language, which fit in quite nicely. The MBE set was the grand finale of their US tour, so they get a nice rest before tackling the UK festival season later this summer, with some further US dates anticipated for later in the year.  Rest assured – come hell or high water, I’m not going to miss them next time they hit local stages.