Five Songs to Hear This Week: Bob Moses, Bluegrass, and a Prince for Gen-Z

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Selections ranging from the return of Bob Moses to down-home bluegrass courtesy of Sad Daddy honor KCRW’s commitment to eclecticism.

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This week’s selections are putting in the work to honor KCRW’s commitment to eclecticism. Electro-rock act Bob Moses preview their highly anticipated album “The Silence In Between” with an ultra sleek video for lead single “Love Brand New.” Plus, the vibrant Joshy Soul channels the spirit of Prince via Gen-Z, TikTok ready moves. And then it gets real country, y’all. 

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Bob Moses - “Love Brand New”

C’mon in kids, new single supper is hot and ready! Electro-groove leaders Bob Moses just dropped the stunning video for this bass-heavy, feelings-forward mover, and it doesn't hold back. Click quick to be inspired into new love and fresh connections in 2022.

Joshy Soul - “New Lover”

No, you’re not just looking at the world through purple-colored glasses — this super fun cut from Joshy Soul is deeply rooted in the ways of Prince. With shiny synths, peppy percussion, and a dance break-inducing “Yow!,” this funky track is just begging for a rinse on the dancefloor this weekend… maybe with your new lover? 

Barrie - “Quarry” 

Play this track to pull a soft focus on a harsh world. The latest single from Brooklyn band Barrie is dream-pop defined, with singalong steadiness and emotional cues worthy of an after-school special. Don’t miss the video for a hazy-beautiful love story about taking big steps through small snips… together. 

Sad Daddy - “Arkansas Bound”  

…And you thought KCRW didn’t really do country. Click here for a rough n’ ready waterfront jam, whiskey jug and hound dogs included. Sad Daddy may be just what we need in these troubled times — the friendly foursome’s “down-home, back to the country” approach is sure to soothe your ragged soul.

Ben Marc - “Mustard” 

This is not a track, it’s a score. Expertly arranged by producer and composer Ben Marc, “Mustard” is a kinetic piece of music, a sidewinder, an undulating sonic story — and it’ll move you in so many ways. Play this one through headphones and minimize the distractions to make sense of whatever mess is in your head.