5 Songs to Hear This Week: Fresh cuts from Rex Orange County, Lion Babe, and more

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Valentine’s Day 2022 is behind us, but we have a few songs on offer that’ll keep you reflecting on a range of loving feelings. The unabashed romanticism of Rex Orange County’s latest brushes shoulders with LA-based duo Haunted Summer’s bittersweet Daniel Johnston cover. Meanwhile, San Francisco’s finest purveyors of modern shoegaze Young Prisms are here to extol the virtues of “Self Love.”

If you’re more into sweating or shouting it out this week, then you’ll really love the selections from Lion Babe and Guerrilla Toss.

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Lion Babe - “Harder (Feat. Busta Rhymes)”

It’s giving beach club, it’s giving big-night-out, it’s giving Busta mf’n Rhymes. This track from NYC dance club duo Lion Babe is simultaneously scorching hot and super cool. It’s that Friday feeling, corked and bottled. Play this one the next time you’re feeling sucked into yet another night spent on the couch, and let it nudge you into choosing party paradise instead.

Rex Orange County - “AMAZING”

Dropped the ball on Valentine’s Day? Rex Orange County has your back with this play-by-play tribute track for your sweetie. Coupled with an irresistible puppetry video, this walk in the park jam tells a sunshiny tale over storytelling strings, easy-listening riffs, and a jammy bassline.

Young Prisms - “Self Love” 

Ever feel like you’re just… drifting along? Stay rudderless with this dreamy single from Young Prisms, San Francisco’s modern-day reps of the shoegaze you once knew. Complete with building percussion, soaring effects, and singalong lyrics all processed through a heavy-feelings filter, this is the one to drift to.

Guerilla Toss - “Famously Alive”  

Click for a wall of sound that will awaken your every sense. This attention-grabber from NYC art-rockers Guerilla Toss paints a sonic picture of fame’s fury — and, in an era of total online visibility, aren’t we all famous to somebody? No matter how you take this one, it’s guaranteed to make you feel alive.

Haunted Summer - “You Put My Love Out The Door” 

Not all beach days are about boogie boards, suntans, and volleyball — sometimes, it’s all gloom, baby. That’s the M.O. behind this track and video from “languid pop” duo Haunted Summer, a married couple for a moody season. This Daniel Johnston cover courtesy of the LA-based band is the perfect love song for the “acceptance” phase of your end-of-winter breakup.