Five Songs to Hear This Week: Fresh cuts from Tame Impala, Cat Power, Bonobo, and more

Written by Adria Kloke - Selections by KCRW Music Staff

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“Party time, excellent!” This list of tracks might give you that impression at first glance. Dig a little deeper, though. Amidst these fresh sounds from heavy hitters and rising favorites, you’ll find sweeping instrumental epics and treatises on modern relationships that will make you think just as much as they’ll make you move. Who doesn’t love dancing through tears?

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Tame Impala - “Breathe Deeper (Lil Yachty Remix)”

Consider this track your music mixology lesson — and drink it on down. Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty gets positively psychedelic backed by Aussie indie tripper outfit Tame Impala. Put this one on to showcase the breadth of your musical prowess to a hot date this week… or, pair it with a visualizer and dance alone in your bedroom. Woah.

Victor Internet - “LUV” 

R u sick of the f*ckboys… ready to meet some1 special? Victor Internet gets it. This playful tune and all-too-relatable dating app video can get you over your latest web-based heartbreak. Featuring bouncy synths, a cheer-squad chorus and undeniable pop production, this tune’s just begging you to swipe right.

BadBadNotGood - “Beside April”

Everybody quiver — it’s a fresh album from the collective instrumental genius behind BadBadNotGood. This single builds and builds to a stunning musical oblivion, crowning razor sharp percussion with mind-boggling jazz guitar riffs that border on heavy psychedelic rock. You know what… forget the labels. Just put on your headphones, close your eyes, and give in to this track in stereo.

Bonobo - “Rosewood” 

DJs rejoice, Bonobo’s back with a new album! Though we’ll be waiting till 2022 for the full length, this heavy groove should be more than enough to sate your appetite for the dripping-with-cool, beat-driven, life companion music the artist is known for. In the capable hands of your local disc jockey, this track’s sure to make beat-matched appearances all over town this week.

Cat Power - “Bad Religion” 

Thought we’d hit the ceiling on new album excitement? Nah — we’ve got the incomparable Cat Power to account for. This stunning single bodes well for the record we’ll get in January, with a sound that’s perfectly on-brand while also, somehow, absolutely new. Get in the mood by revisiting this magnificent episode of KCRW’s Lost Notes, and grab the tissues.