Five Songs You Should Hear Right Now Bombadil, Pins, Spoon remixed, Sweet Spirit, Kieran Leonard

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Bombadil – “Framboise”

KCRW DJ Chris Douridas recently touted the new single from this Durham, NC trio, delighting in its “sweetness”. He says the writing really stands out and there is an element of surprise in the way they build the track.

Enjoy this quirky French pop ditty from their recently released album “Hold On”.

Britt Daniel double take!

Spoon – “Inside Out (Fabrizio Moretti Remix)

Spoon’s recent effort is one of my favorites in their catalogue and “Inside Out” was definitely one of the highlights. Here, The Strokes’ Fabrizio Moretti gives us his take and it’s exactly what remix should be – a truly unique spin.

It’s like he dropped the track in the 70’s, had it take a walk around the block and soak in all the influences and then layered Britt’s vocals back over it.

It’s part of a remix collection out this week with other contributions from Tycho, Operators and composer/producer Brian Reitzell.

Sweet Spirit & Britt Daniel – “Have Mercy”

Austin band Sweet Spirit — led by Sabrina Ellis and Andrew Cashen – have backed up Britt on his solo gigs and will open up for the full band on tour dates next month. The trio wrote the track together and the result is a collage of sounds. The vocal harmonies are key – starts with a steady beat joined by a shaker and then lullaby synths are layered on top.

They play they Wiltern on May 30.

PINS – “Young Girls”

I had the great pleasure of stepping into producer Dave Katching’s Rancho De La Luna studio and seeing the lauded spot where Queens of the Stone Age and Eagles of Death Metal have recorded in Joshua Tree. It was late last year and he told me about a band he was currently recording, a group of gals from Manchester who he had high hopes for. He played me a couple early demos and I was really impressed.

I forgot about it until a press release arrived in my email about PINS with their track “Young Girls”. I love it from the first notes.

It’s simple but intoxicating and the lyrics are about pursuing your dreams — and all the frustration and celebration that comes with it.

Their album “Wild Nights” will be out on June and the band plays The Echo on June 15. Mark your calendar.

Kieran Leonard – “Underwood Milk”

I rarely take the time to sit back and watch a music video. I almost always prefer to just listen.

But this video is clever because it essentially skewers the traditional conventions of most music videos with humorous pop ups.

It’s from UK artist Kieran Leonard, who recently opened shows for both Ryan Adams and Father John Misty across the pond. Considering he’s an avid reader with a quick wit, their affection for him makes a lot of sense. His sophomore album  is forthcoming.

(and yes, he kinda looks like Kurt Cobain)