Fleetwood Mac – Most Covered/Remixed Artist of the Year?

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Even Jason Bentley gets to take a day off from time to time so, on Thanksgiving, DJ Travis Holcombe stepped in to take the reins on Morning Becomes Eclectic.

And one of the tracks he played that seemed to generate the most excitement was a remix of Fleetwood Mac’s “Never Going Back” by local duo Cosmic Kids.

Cosmic Kids – Never Going Back by ChitChatRecords

Every year there is ONE artist that everyone covers/remixes – this year it is Fleetwood Mac.

But of all of them, this might be my favorite. Not only because they started with a near perfect son,g but because the dance beats they’ve added meld so seamlessly with it. It always seems true to the original, just buoyed by some beats and flourishes added with a light hand.

If you want to dig into some more Fleetwood Mac appreciation by other artists, check out remixes of “Dreams” by Flight Facilities and Psychemagik, as well as a full album of covers released earlier this year by Concord Music Group calledJust Tell Me That You Want Me .

My personal favorite was a version of “Gypsy” by SoCal’s own Gardens and Villa.

Gypsy | Gardens & Villa by concordmusicgroup

Last but not least, Prefix posted yesterday about a tribute to Fleetwood’s “Rumours” album, with Yeasayer and others. So, more on the way!