Fleetwood Mac “Oh Well” — Covered By EELS

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In 1969, Fleetwood Mac’s lead guitarist Peter Green composed the track “Oh Well”, which was actually comprised of two different parts. Side A was the single most often used as it was the shorter, heavier, and riffed out song that is usually referenced as “Oh Well, Part 1”.

The other composition was a much longer almost classically-influenced instrumental version that was rarely played. The two combined as a nearly 10-minute song and never played live in its entirety.

So, does this reveal anything about EELS choosing to cover the song on Morning Becomes Eclectic?

Not really.

Except that when EELS play their normal fare of blues rock laden with deeply personal and hard subject matter, throwing in this song is almost like a palette cleanser without having to brush your teeth. You’re in your comfort zone, but getting to relax a bit. We’ll call it a cover song stay-cation.

I suspect that’s why they chose “Oh Well” and why it was a track they practiced together.

The blues can be heavy and revealing, but it can also be fun.  Here’s to E having a little bit of fun every now and again.