Fleetwood Mac Tribute Night Gold Dust Disco Hits LA!

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Christine McVie is back with the band which means there is still a chance I can hear her sing “Little Lies” LIVE in my lifetime!

Truth be told, that song was my first exposure to the band. I was 10 and begged my parents to buy me “Tango in the Night”. They were like, “You like Fleetwood Mac???”

I sure do. And I’m not alone.

When you look at their catalogue, it is mind boggling how many great songs they wrote.

It has not been lost on today’s current crop of musicians, with a full tribute album released in 2012 and many remixes and covers. (Haim does a great “Oh Well”, as do Eels.).

Well, there is a group taking it a step further. Fleetmac Wood is “a lovingly curated re-edit project and party dedicated to the music of one of the greatest bands of our time.”

Apparently their London parties are legendary and they are bringing Gold Dust Disco to LA for the first time next week. It’s all going down at The Short Stop in Echo Park next Wednesday April 30.

I’m fully on board after this description:

“This is an unadulterated, tunnel-visioned event, paying homage to the incredible musical journey that is Fleetwood Mac. From blues to rock, from country to stadium pop – the back catalogue is an endless source of delight to revisit and revel to – ALL NIGHT LONG.”

It’s free, but there is an RSVP list if you would like to be added: fleetmacwoodparty@gmail.com

I’ve been enjoying listening to one of their mixes which you can stream below, along with as the Antenna Happy Edit of “ Black Magic Woman”.

Good stuff!

Let the tributes continue, especially since their concert tickets are so pricey! (but well worth it, I’m sure!!)


Event: Fleetmac Wood presents Gold Dust Disco in LA
Date: April 30th 2014
Times: 8pm – 1am
Venue: The Short Stop
Address: 1455 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90026
Info: (213) 482 4942 / fleetmacwoodparty@gmail.com
Tickets: FREE!