Florence and the Machine on Primetime TV

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KCRW was the first radio station in America to start spinning Florence and the Machine. Then Music Director Nic Harcourt was a fan of “Kiss With a Fist” and he always got a glimmer in his eye when he was spinning the track about murder and mayhem.

I remember the first time I heard it – it was hard to miss. English crooner Florence Welch grabs your attention with everything she’s got on that track and then won our hearts with “Dog Days Are Over.” By the time the xx released their remix of “You’ve Got the Love” – we were all totally smitten.

We finally got her in the studio for a live session almost a year ago and tonight she will be performing on primetime TV! She’ll be on Dancing With The Stars, following a show-stopping performance at the MTV VMAs. We love watching artists we support hit the big time and Florence is totally deserving of the attention.

Above is a highlight from her session on KCRW and you can revisit her whole performance in our archives here and stay tuned for another Florence & KCRW-related announcement soon….