Four Songs You Should Listen to Right Now: Cillie Barnes, Gold Spectacles, Chris Malinchak, Dawn Landes

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Cillie Barnes by Harper Smith Photography

Cillie Barnes – “Veranda (RAC Remix)

Cillie Barnes perfectly – and seductively –captures young love (lust?) on this track from her “Happy Valley” EP , which recently got the RAC treatment (a rare remixer who makes ever track he touches better. He’s incredible).

The project is the latest musical incarnation of Vanessa Long. She’s been making music in SoCal for a while now, including as the co-founder of Family of the Year. But her solo work is pure pop.

What’s a girl gotta do?

Chris Malinchak – “So Good To Me”

It wasn’t until I realized this song had been in my head for a full week, that I begged Jason to send me the MP3. I didn’t zone in on it when he played it on MBE, but clearly it stuck with me. It’s a testament to the power of a good song – I was helpless to it burrowing deep into my brain!

But there are worse things that can happen than surrendering to a song.

And the fact that it’s the debut single from Chris Malinchak, a Brooklyn-based producer, is a sign of great things to come.

Dawn Landes – “Bluebird”

It’s easy to interpret Dawn Landes’ new record as an answer to Josh Ritter, her former romantic partner whose previous release revolved around  their divorce and the myriad of emotions he was experiencing. But, the truth is, Dawn’s material has always been extremely honest and rich with emotion.

Bluebird”, the title track from her new album out just after Valentine’s Day, is a simple beautiful song. The video features Brooklyn flex dancer Storyboard P.

Dawn will be touring with Bryan Ferry this spring, including a date in LA on April 15.

Gold Spectacles – “Steal You Away”

When I got an email about a “baroque-pop duo based in London” called Gold Spectacles, I listened to the track because I was intrigued by the imagery. And then was surprised by how good it was!

There is not much out there about the band, except that it’s an anonymous venture from two British songwriter/producers” and they list Paul Simon and Phoenix among their influences. Hmmmmm.

Great song.

golden spectacles