Four Songs You Should Listen to Right Now: Sleepy Sun, Jack Johnson remix, Stephen Malkmus, Angel Olsen

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Sleepy Sun – “Galaxy Punk”

Galaxy Punk” is the first single from NorCal band Sleepy Sun’s new record “Maui Tears” – a blast of psych-rock that is the sonic equivalent of taking a shot of tequila the minute you walk into a bar – no hesitation whatsoever.

It’s got a lot of punch, with some shimmery sections sprinkled throughout so you really appreciate when they go full on.

Their label, Dine Alone Records, says the new album has some of their heaviest material to date, in addition to some softer dreamy songs. It’s out today!

Angel Olsen – “ Hi-Five“

Every now and then I can actually appreciate LA traffic.

Like yesterday, when I was done channel surfing (sometimes I like to see what other radio stations are up to…and it’s pretty bad) and opened a random package from  the passenger seat and shoved in the CD without looking at who it was.

The voice got me right away. This was not a girly girl. She sounded tough, but slightly damaged – singing her way through it all with words of wisdom.

She has a magnetism that forces you to pay attention.

Her name is Angel Olsen. And her album, “Burn Fire For No Witness” will be out on February 18 and she’ll be playing live at the Echoplex on Sunday, March 2.

Highly recommended!

Jack Johnson – “Radiate (Switch Remix)”

KCRW’s appearance at Sundance 2014 included a couple happy hour DJ sets from our own Jason Bentley and he dropped this remix in the middle of one.

Jack Johnson you can dance too!

He just announced a giant tour, including two dates in LA at the Greek Theater (Aug 27 and 28) as well as Santa Barbara and San Diego.

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks – “Lariat”

I’ll be honest, I was never a die hard Pavement fan. I always liked them, but I wasn’t as obsessed as some of my other music loving friends.

So, when I approach a new Malkmus album, I don’t have any preconceived notions of what it should sound like. All I know is if I like it or not. And I LOVE the new album, “Wig Out at Jagbags”.

He has a great sense of humor and clever/random song titles (“Cinnamon and Lesbians, “J Smoov” ) and always that slightly jaded detachment.

Also, anyone who namechecks the Grateful Dead is alright with me. I love the feeling of nostalgia on “Lariat” especially.