Friday Free For All: Aphex Twin/Tom Waits Mashup + Disclosure Remix

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Eskmo – “Aphex Waits”

On the surface, Tom Waits and Aphex Twin would seem to very little in common.

While Waits is a gravelly voiced singer-songwriter whose style might best be described as leftfield interpretations of pre-war jazz and blues, Aphex Twin trades in futuristic experiments in electronics.

LA-based producer, Eskmo, manages to meld the seemingly disparate worlds together in a mash-up that defies expectations and manages to be quite good.


Eskmo weaves pieces from Aphex Twin’s Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt2″ EP with snippets from Tom Waits’ discography to create a megamix mash-up of sorts, while maintaining the tone of the original works. It’s a nifty little trick he pulled off and well worth a listen if you’re a fan or either Waits or Aphex Twin.

The user48736353001 files

Last week, we mentioned the Soundcloud account of user48736353001 and the possibility of it belonging to Aphex Twin. There’s still no hard confirmation of who’s behind the account, but a number of Aphexologists seem to be in agreement that the music is (mostly) legit. Probably.

Since that posting, the tracks have all been made available as free downloads! So, head over HERE and gorge yourself on 150+ previously unreleased works of Aphex Twin (again, most likely).

Some intrepid AFX devotee has created a helpful Google spreadsheet with notes on all the tracks from the Soundcloud account if you want a little more context to go with your listening.

(h/t to Fact Mag for the lead on the spreadsheet.)

Disclosure – “White Noise” (Todd Edwards Remix)

Todd Edwards pioneered the UK Garage sound made popular by Disclosure.

This week, Edwards unveiled his remix of the baby-faced brothers Lawrence’ track “White Noise” which you can stream and download below.


Travis Holcombe