Friday Free For All: Misun + The Drums (Remixed by YACHT)

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Misun – Superstitions

It’s no secret that Misun is one of my favorite bands.

The LA-via-DC group first caught my attention through their consistently great stream of free releases on Soundcloud, each one wildly different from the last, but always super catchy.

This week they released their first full length, “Superstitions“.

It finds Misun gliding between rock, pop, and electronic sounds. Powerhouse lead singer (and group namesake) Misun Wojcik serves as the glue that makes the band’s excursions into disparate styles feel cohesive throughout the release.

About half of the tracks have been previously available (including two of my personal favorites — “Battlefields” and “Promise Me“) and there are some stunners amongst the new batch of songs on “Superstitions“; in particular, I’m really feeling “Sun Made” and “Penny“.

You can download all of the tracks à la carte via Misun’s Soundcloud page or grab the whole shebang and support a great local group by purchasing the album at iTunes.


The Drums – “I Can’t Pretend (YACHT Remix)”

There are times when you know a track is going to be good before you even press play.

This was one of those times for me.

YACHT remixing one of my favorite tracks from The Drums’ “Encyclopedia album? It’s too easy.

YACHT strip the guitars from the original and amp up the synths to create a sublime midtempo chugger.

It’s the perfect remix of a beautiful track.

(Download this track for free by entering your email address into the player.)